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We are expert in lighting.

With experience spanning over a decade, From lighting design creation to setup and installations, we adopt an open and participatory approach to ensure that you’re involved at every stage of planning and decision making, this way, we relish and engage your unique unexplored theme or feel that you might want to be added to the entire lighting programming of the event. Our team of lighting technicians know the right questions to ask to help you determine your lighting needs and meet your goals, while making recommendations to give you the best lighting to fit your budget.

Training and Intership

We are expert in lighting.

You’ll certainly want to be trained by a team of dedicated and experienced lighting technicians who have an overwhelming penchant for sharing knowledge and helping you become a lighting expert. And so, we offer professional trainings at various levels of learning, be you a lighting enthusiast, amateur, or professional, and also offer internships for volunteers.

We Are Experts In Lighting

We have over 7 years of experience

20Team Members
100Client Feedback
50Customer Review
10Years of Experience

Our Skills in Lighting 

We are formed with experience.

Event Lighting


Permanent Installation


Film Lighting

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