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Every event requires its unique atmosphere to convey the right message easily. And establishing this is very key and requires lots of deliberate hard work. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality productions for events including concerts, music festivals and tours, weddings, corporate events, runway/fashion shows, exhibitions, stage drama, gala nights, etc.


A long term investment in procurement and permanent installation gives you the opportunity to explore the near limitless benefits of stage lighting in the comfort of your facility. Are you building a new event hall, church, theatre, studio, club/lounge/bar, or renovating one? Or, does your church already shoot videos for image magnification (IMAG), streaming or broadcast and require permanent installation to ensure high end productions? we can help you deliver on custom stage lighting solutions and also help you to make the most critical decisions that ensure long term value for your permanent installation, plus an after installation periodic checks and maintenance to ensure continued efficiency and longevity.

As an added value, we offer to give a one month free training on stage lighting and control to your dedicated technical team or volunteers to be able to fully maximize the benefits of your installation.


Lighting your subject is one the  most fundamental components of cinematography and video recordings.

Looking for high performance, high quality lighting equipment and services that will not fail on location/set? This is why we are offering only modern products from leading manufactures in the industry to ensure best possible results and satisfaction.


  • Moving Head Beams
  • Moving Head Profiles
  • Moving Head Wash
  • LED Moving Head Source
  • Profile Lights
  • Spotlights
  • Blinders
  • DMX Controllers
  • Fog Machine
  • Haze Machine
  • Low Fog Machine
  • Lazers
  • Follow-Spot
  • Freshnels
  • LED Panels
  • Light Stands
  • Trusses
  • Stage
  • Par cans
  • Confetti cannon

Stage Lighting Truss Fabrication

Stage Lighting & Special Effects

Stage Lighting Truss Overhead Installation

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