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Have you ever been to an event with amazing uplighting and ended up feeling great and happy about life? We utilize intelligent lighting fixtures to create the perfect mood, energy and image for your special events and productions while maximizing impact and creating an unforgettable experience. As we often say at Empireprolite, “the problem is NOT always about adding colours or throwing a light focus. The problem is ALWAYS about the ability to tell the right stories with lighting.” So we arrive at this one question: “Is your lighting telling the right story?” This is the question that drives our attention to details that make your day special.


Staging provides a stable, elevated platform for great performances. Naturally being the focal point of activities of the event, it’s worth investing in to give your audience an enhanced view of the performance or presentations of the event. We can provide you with a great staging hire solution. Our industry standard staging units offer an extremely flexible approach for creative staging designs which can be fitted into various staging applications, both for indoor and outdoor, implying also, that you can choose from a variety of sizes to suit your production or budget.



Thinking of a professional way to mount your lighting fixtures? Think trussing! It is the most professional way to setup and rig your lighting fixtures while you sit back and run the cues! Trussing offers a modular frame onto which lighting fixtures, sound speakers, are safely mounted. Plus,  nothing beats the aesthetic and professional look it adds to your entire lighting rig and event.

Popular shapes such as triangle truss, round truss, square truss, and I-beam means you’re able to choose from a variety of pre-configured, professionally designed trusses that fit your need or design style. Even when you have a knack for a custom design, we’re able to create custom trussing solutions that satisfies your quest.


Utilizing special effects is like making a bold statement on your special day or production in general. It can be creatively build into your entire lighting system as your special signature to enforce bold stage performances, engage the audience, highlight performers and emphasise entrances and exits. Whether used individually or as a combined variety built into a system of displays, we offer a variety of pyrotechnics to highlight very special moments in events and shows including sporting events, stage events, weddings, corporate events and parties.

Each and every display is designed focusing on client brief, site specifications and strict safety policies.


Looking for a way to capture all of the action on stage and increase audience engagement in your show, church, or corporate event? Led screens and Video walls are a perfect item to get you there. We offer you a range of affordable LED screen hire solutions for your indoor or outdoor venue. And regardless of weather, venue size or lighting conditions, our LED screens produce outstanding picture quality. Empireprolite provides LED video display walls and associated technology for these types of productions:

  • Concert Tour
  • Music Festivals
  • Church Lighting
  • Event Halls
  • Stadiums
  • Weddings

Stage Lighting Truss Fabrication

Stage Lighting & Special Effects

Stage Lighting Truss Overhead Installation

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